The Future of UCF Football

10 weeks into the season. 10 games resulting in losses for UCF.

Before I say anything else, I would like to thank George O’Leary for what he has accomplished here at UCF! Knight Nation can thank him for our football stadium on campus, the move to the American Athletic Conference, big wins over Penn State, Louisville, and Georgia, and the 2014 BCS Fiesta Bowl Championship over Baylor. Beyond that, he has made UCF a recognizable name in college football and produced big name players such as Blake Bortles, Brandon Marshall, Josh Sitton, Latavius Murray, Kevin Smith and Breshad Perriman. It is a shame to see a man who has done so much, go out with an 0-8 record.

Through a season of underperforming, injuries, and failed drug tests we go into our bye week 0-10. Now Knight Nation hopes to pull away a win against ECU (our last win which was in dramatic fashion via the “Hail Permian” play) or our arch rival USF (who hasn’t beaten us since September 6, 2008). There’s no hope for a bowl game this year, but after all UCF has endured there is still a chance to break the hearts of USF fans, which would be the biggest win of the year and possibly the only. I would take a 1-11 finish at this point and many other Knights fans would too, as long as we beat USF. The University of Central Florida now needs to reestablish itself as a winner, and prove to all that 2015 is not the downfall of UCF football.

First things first, UCF must begin by filling our void of Athletic Director and Head Football Coach. The new AD position should be very desirable in the world of sports, as our new AD will be able to hire the new head football coach and be in charge of the athletic department for the second largest school in the nation. If I was qualified I would love the job, but lets be honest, that is my ultimate dream in the distant future. My prediction is that we will find both positions at one school, Bowling Green. As of now they are 8-2 and leading the Mid-American Conference’s East Division. So if you do see Chris Kingston announced as the Athletic Director, and Dino Barbers as the Head Coach remember where you saw it first!


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Now lets move on to the roster here at UCF. On the team this year we have 9 seniors and many wonder why the number is so low. The reality is, the success of George O’Leary’s coaching tactics allowed many players to leave before their senior year for the NFL Draft. Two examples include last years’ Breshad Perriman and Jacoby Glenn, who would’ve been great assets to this team on offense and defense, respectively. Also in 2012, UCF got into a little trouble with the NCAA which caused our football team to lose 15 scholarships from 2013-2015. This limited our recruiting and has hit us this year as many players who could’ve been offered scholarships had to be passed up on, because of our probation. Due to these circumstances, we have had to throw many young players into the fire before they were quite ready.

However, these players are now getting valuable experience that will transfer over the years. I have seen tons of upside with young players such as Tristan Payton, Taj McGowan, D’erren Wilson, Tre’Quan Smith, Shaquem Griffin, and Kyle Gibson. So UCF fans need to realize the talent is still here and once these young players gain experience and confidence, we will once again be a force to be reckoned with! The days of probation are over, so UCF can now get back to shocking the nation!


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