Predictions For The Rest Of The Dolphins Season

I don’t stay up-to-date with the NFL as much as college football, but I’m still a Dolphins fan! (Gotta rep the FL team close to home). The Dolphins right now sit at 3-5 and last place in the AFC East. Here’s my predictions for the rest of the Miami Dolphin’s season, and you can laugh at me later if (and probably, when) I’m wayyyy off:

Dolphins at Eagles November 15 

Score: Eagles 27-20

Dolphins vs Cowboys November 22

Score: Dolphins 31-24

Dolphins at Jets November 29

Score: Jets 20-10

Dolphins vs Ravens December 6

Score: Dolphins 38-17

Dolphins vs Giants December 14

Score: Giants 27-17

Dolphins at Chargers December 20

Score: Dolphins 24-20

Dolphins vs Colts December 27

Score: Colts 31-21

Dolphins at Patriots January 3

Score: Patriots 34-24

Final Record: 6-10

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