MLB Offseason Frenzy

We are headed into what looks like another busy offseason as there are so many questions and possibilities surrounding the next four months. Managers have already been hired in Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego and Washington. The trades have also begun as Andrelton Simmons is now with the Angels and Craig Kimbrel has joined the Boston Red Sox. Two questions surround this offseason. Will there be a $200 million player from free agency? Will players such as Todd Frazier, Aroldis Chapman, Robinson Cano, and Jose Fernandez be traded? Here’s my opinion on the many rumors and where the top free agents will land:

First, the trade market.

Many people in sports have been tweeting about the possibilty of the Marlins trading Jose Fernandez and I don’t see any chance of that happening. The stories say he is selfish and the Marlins ownership is fed up with him. Yea right!!! A few days later he was out with the Marlins volunteering his time to give thanksgiving food to the less fortunate. Trading Jose will also destroy the Marlins chances of bringing in a new TV deal and anger Giancarlo Stanton making it even more likely he opts out halfway through his contract. Now the Marlins still have Jeffery Loria so anything can happen, but why trade a man who has never lost a game in his home ballpark?

I do see the Marlins trading Marcell Ozuna. My prediction: Ozuna, Urena, and Avery Romero to the Mariners for Mark Trumbo and Taijuan Walker. Give or take a few prospects. This would allow the Marlins to move Yelich to CF and play Trumbo in LF, with him occasionally platooning at first for Bour. Walker gives the Marlins a strong number two with great upside to pair with Jose Fernandez. This team is very unpredictable though so don’t quote me!

We have also seen reports of Robinson Cano wanting to go back to the New York Yankees. This is a strong possibility and could help out both teams. I would assume the Mariners would be looking for a package headlining Jacoby Ellsbury and Chase Headley. The Mariners could move Seager to 2B and allow Headley to take over at the hot corner. Ellsbury would also be a great fit at Safeco Field with his speed and we all know what Cano can do in New York.

The Reds are one of the more interesting teams as they seem to be in a rebuilding mode and do have many players with large contracts. I see them holding on to Todd Frazier, but making a move to trade Chapman. I could see the Astros and Nationals making a big move to bring in the flamethrower and they both have the young talent to make it happen.

Free Agency Predictions on Top 5 players :

  1. David Price– Red Sox 8 Years $180 Million. David Price will be the ace that this team has been looking for.
  2. Jason Heyward– Yankees 10 Years $160 Million. After the Yanks trade Ellsbury for Cano they will need a 3rd outfielder with Beltran and Gardner. The short porch in RF could be perfect for Heyward’s power numbers and the Yankees could use some youth.
  3. Zach Greinke– Dodgers 6 Years $150 Million. No way the MLB’s richest teams will let one of their top pitchers leave.
  4. Justin Upton– Angels 8 Years $160 Million. With Josh Hamilton back in Texas, the Angels will look for an outfielder to help carry the offense.
  5. Chris Davis– Twins 5 Year $100 Million. The Twins were a very impressive team last year and will look to stay competitive adding a power bat to play 1st and DH, switching off with Joe Mauer.


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