A New Era of UCFrost

This morning the brilliance of Oregon’s spread attack over the past two years met the promise of UCF. At 9:30am Scott Frost was announced as the 10th coach in the history of the University of Central Florida. Frost is unlike any before as he brings with him an exciting and upbeat spread offense. UCF fans are in for a big treat next year and here is why:

Of all the coaches rumored to come to UCF, AD Danny White was still able to blow away everyone by bringing in Frost. A couple days ago there were reports that Dino Babers was going to become the UCF coach but those were erased quickly as Frost assumed the role. Scott Frost brings experience from both sides of the ball as he was a QB in college for Nebraska and a DB in the NFL. After his NFL career he started coaching as a linebackers coach in 2007 for Northern Iowa, before moving to Oregon in 2009 and eventually assuming the role of offensive coordinator in 2013. The perfect remedy for an 0-12 UCF football team and what some may call a Christmas miracle.

The coaching staff at UCF still has some loose ends to fill. A disappointing season from Offensive Coordinator Brent Key and Defensive Coordinator Chuck Brensnahan sealed a winless season, which the latter could be expected since he was from USF! Scott Frost will now be interviewing current members of the UCF staff to see what our coaches have to offer. In my opinion, it is a must to hang on to Sean Beckton as he has been a huge component of Wide Receiver University. There is already rumors that some coaches from Oregon will follow Frost across the country such as linebackers coach Erik Chinander, who would assume the role of DC.

When it comes to bringing in the players who will fit the system UCF should not have much trouble at all. I see Justin Holman finishing out his senior year as the starter with Tyler Harris waiting for his chance. Taj McGowan would be the best fit for RB and WR is the least of our worries with Akins, Smith, Wilson, Stewart, and the best fit Tristan Payton. When it comes to recruiting Frost should focus on rebuilding our defense and brining in the speed of South Florida. There is already rumors that his first target is Feleipe Franks, the brother of our WR Jordan Franks. Overall, Florida is filled with talent and will give Frost plenty of recruits to chose from.

Next year will be a very exciting year of UCF football and our new spread offense will get an early test September 10th at Michigan. We are now the Oregon of the East Coast!

“Fans better buckle their seat belt, because we’re going to punch the accelerator and go fast around here.” -Scott Frost


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