Jose Fernandez Rumors

I think I speak for all Marlins fans when I say TRADING JOSE FERNANDEZ IS A TERRIBLE IDEA! We all know that when you are a Marlins fan anything can happen, but this could be unforgivable. The whole story with the Marlins not getting along with Jose’s agent, Scott Boras can not lead to the team dismantling the future. Jose has dealt with some injuries this past year, but he still is the face of the franchise, fans love him, and he fills seats. In his first start back from Tommy John Surgery there were 34,00 fans in attendance, including me. Marlins Park for once had a playoff atmosphere and the fans erupted as Jose hit 99 mph on the radar gun and took Matt Cain deep. Are the Marlins willing to lose that buzz?

If a Jose deal was to occur, the Marlins better have a huge master plan to bring in lots of exciting talent. The problem is a trade like this will really upset Giancarlo and the fans. One mistake could cause the Marlins to lose the two most exciting players in their history (when Stanton is able to opt out in 2020). I have put together three trades that the Marlins might consider for Jose, but teams must really blow us out of the water:

Dodgers: If the Dodgers are willing to give up Corey Seager and newly acquired Aroldis Chapman I might consider.

Yankees: The Yankees would have to part with Aaron Judge and Luis Severino to spark my interest, but I would want more.

Astros: The Astros would need to give up Lance McCullers and George Springer.

These 3 scenarios are the minimum I would expect for a guy like Fernandez, who might I add is still undefeated at Marlins Park. Basically, the Marlins would be crazy to trade their cuban star out of little havana and whoever wants him would have to give up a lot.

Best Case Scenario: Marlins hold on to Jose Fernandez and trade Marcell Ozuna for Carlos Carrasco. They, then sign Yoenis Cespedes to play CF.

Worst Case Scenario: The Marlins trade Jose and get prospects with “potential” like they did with Miguel Cabrera back in 2007 (Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller), who then end up not working out and being traded. Then in 2020 Stanton opts out.

Lets hold on to our core and add a number two to pitch behind Jose!!!

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