Pank’s NFL Prospects

With the 2016 NFL Draft set for April 28-30, I wanted to put out my predictions for a few of my favorite college players before everybody else does. I will look at a couple QB’s, RB’s, WR’s, DE’s, LB’S, and DB’s. This year has the potential to be a very special draft as, Ohio State may have the opportunity to challenge the University of Miami for the most players taken in the first round from one school (6). The players to watch out for include Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott, Michael Thomas, Daron Lee, Eli Apple, Taylor Decker, and Vonn Bell. If these 7 can impress at the combine we might see history in the making. Now let’s break down some of my favorite prospects by position:


  1. Jared Goff– After the coaching change in Cleveland I would say that the short lived Johnny Manziel era is over. Jared Goff can give promise to a Browns team who has changed QB’s 20 times since 1999. I see two others as a fit here which I will get into shortly, but I am taking Jared Goff to Cleveland with the 2nd pick of the NFL Draft.
  2. Carson Wentz– It is difficult to make the transition from the FCS to the FBS. It is even harder to go from the FCS to the NFL, but the Cowboys have seen it done before by their very own Tony Romo. Another season of Brandon Weeden is unacceptable as Dallas will look to solidify a QB for the future in Carson Wentz with the 4th pick.
  3. Paxton Lynch– One of the most interesting prospects at 6’7 245 lbs and very athletic. I would not be surprised to see Lynch taken before Goff or Wentz, but I would be surprised to see one of the three make it to the 2nd round. Last year the Rams found a RB in Gurley and this year they will find a QB with the 15th pick of the draft.


  1. Ezekiel Elliott– Elliott exploded on the scene at the end of the 2014 season and is now off to the NFL early, no surprises there. He will be the only RB taken in the first round this year. Why? Because he has the ability to run, block and catch out of the backfield. Best fit New York Giants with the 10th overall pick.
  2. Derrick Henry– Arguably the best player in college football last year, but how will his skills translate into the NFL? For me, its all about the system in which he plays. I see Derrick Henry thriving in Dallas in the same way Demarco Murray did, run up the middle for 4-5 yd gains behind a tough offensive line. 2nd round 34th overall pick.


  1. Laquon Treadwell– When I see Treadwell I think of a playmaker on the outside who can take over a football game. Chip Kelly just took a job in San Fran and loves his playmakers. Kaepernick to Treadwell will be fun to watch. Treadwell to San Fran 8th.
  2. Corey Coleman– Whoever was throwing the deep ball for Baylor in the past 3 years it always had the same result, a TD to Coleman. When I think of a team who needs that kind of player to get to the next level one comes to mind. 23rd overall to the Vikings.


  1. Joey Bosa– The 1st overall pick belongs to a team who needs a playmaker on defense. Bosa gave defense’s fits all year long as he required double and triple teams. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me. Joey Bosa 1st overall to the Titans.
  2. Deforest Buckner- At 6’7 290 Buckner has great size and has been labeled as a very versatile player by many scouts. A talent I don’t see staying on the board too long. I’m going 9th overall to the Bucs.


  1. Jaylon Smith-With Smith I wonder, how much will the injury hurt his draft stock? He made a smart move leaving early and definitely still has 1st round promise. The Jets will be a great fit in their already dominant defense at 20th overall.
  2. Daron Lee– Talk about a linebacker who is all over the field with his speed and also uses his physicality like no other. Daron Lee is one of the best defensive athletes in this draft and shows lots of promise at the next level. Falcons will like him at 17th.


  1. Jalen Ramsey– The rivalry of UF and FSU will continue into the NFL as Ramsey will look to edge Hargreaves and show as the premier corner. I don’t think Ramsey will need too travel to far with the Jags having interest at 5th overall.
  2. Vernon Hargreaves- When it comes down to Ramsey and Hargreaves the similarities are astounding and both will be taken in the first 10 picks. I see Ramsey going before, because teams see a edge in height. Hargreaves to the Dolphins 8th overall.

1st Round Picks 1-10 Predictions

  1. Joey Bosa- Titans
  2. Jared Goff- Browns
  3. Laremy Tunsil- Chargers
  4. Carson Wentz- Cowboys
  5. Jalen Ramsey- Jaguars
  6. Shaq Lawson- Ravens
  7. Laquon Treadwell- 49ers
  8. Vernon Hargreaves- Dolphins
  9. Deforest Buckner- Buccaneers
  10. Ezekiel Elliott- Giants

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