Miami Heat Offseason

The NBA Finals are underway and in under a month free agency begins. This offseason for the Heat could get interesting, with a big question mark in Chris Bosh, a big contract waiting for Hassan Whiteside, and a big star possibly leaving OKC in Kevin Durant.

What will the great Pat Riley do this year?

Players signed through 2016-2017                Heat Lifers                               Free Agents

  1. Chris Bosh (23,741,060)              1. Dwayne Wade  (15,300,000)            1. Luol Deng
  2. Goran Dragic (15,890,000)         2. Udonis Haslem (2,900,000)              2. Gerald Green
  3. Josh McRoberts (5,782,450)                                                                       3. Joe Johnson
  4. Justise Winslow (2,593,440)                                                                      4. Tyler Johnson
  5. Josh Richardson (874,636)                                                                         5. Amar’e Stoudemire
  6. Briante Weber (874,636)                                                                            6. Hassan Whiteside

  Guaranteed Salary: 49,756,222        Projected Salary: 18,200,000       Totals: 67,956,222

The salary cap for the 2016-2017 season will be 92,000,000 with the 2017-2018 season rising to 111,000,000. This leaves the Heat with around 24,043,778 to spend in free agency. They will not have any draft picks in the upcoming 2016 NBA Draft.

5 Things the Heat have to Handle in the Offseason

1) Dwayne Wade: Last summer Miami had their first scare with Wade as the numbers were way off initially. I don’t see the same happening hear with flash as he is in Wade County for good. Look for a quick deal to be signed with Wade once free agency starts. My thoughts is Pat tries to keep him at 1 year and around 15 million. Next summer he can sign what may be the last contract of his career.

2) Chris Bosh: No matter what happens with Chris Bosh the Heat will have to pay the remainder of his guaranteed contract. The catch is that if Bosh does not play a year before his injury the Heat will not be penalized his 23,741,060 in the salary cap. As of now, the Heat do not want the liability of Bosh being seriously injured on the court. My prediction is we have seen the end of Chris Bosh in a Miami Heat uniform.

3) Hassan Whiteside: In my opinion Whiteside was this year’s Defensive Player of the Year as he had 269 blocks, which was 92 more than DeAndre Jordon who came in 2nd, yet beat Whiteside out for Fist Team Defense. Basically, he is in for a huge payday as he was the NBA’s biggest bargain at a salary of 981,348. Whiteside still does have some attitude problems so a long term contract is a huge risk. I believe Pat Riley can convince him to take a 1 year deal until the cap increases in the 2017-2018 season. If not and somebody does want to offer Whiteside the max long term let Pat do his thing and go after the superstar Kevin Durant.

4) Goran Dragic: Many questions still arise on whether the Dragon is a good match with the backcourt legend Dwayne Wade. He is also owed 15,890,000 next year which may be a lot for a 30 year old point guard. With David Fizdale also being a huge Dragic fan and heading to lead Memphis I see potential for a sign and trade. It wouldn’t be the first time the Heat pulled off something like this. I believe Heat Nation will welcome a new member to the backcourt in Mike Conley and here is why. For one, Conley is younger at 28 years old and is a better off the ball player. He is a great defender and has flexibility with his contract in a sign and trade. A deal for 12,500,000 a year would save the Heat 3,390,000 that could go towards the bench, Hassan Whiteside, or even a new star in Miami.

5) The Bench: One thing Miami does better than almost everybody in the league is bringing in veterans on the minimum salary. The reason is that many players love the opportunity to play in such a great organization and their president seems to have great negotiation tactics. From last years squad, the Heat will first look to bringing back Heat Lifer Udonis Haslem at around 2,900,000. Tyler Johnson is the one youngster the Heat do not want to lose as he played well last year when he was healthy and I’m sure Joe Johnson will get another look as he took a huge discount to join the Heat over his former team, the Atlanta Hawks. I do think Luol Deng will walk as the Heat will look to continue to rely more on Justise Winslow. Gerald Green and A’mare Stoudemire will be interesting to follow as both struggled at times to score off the bench. Negotiating will be key here also as the Heat will come very close to the luxury tax if not over.

Pank’s 2016- 2017 Miami Heat Roster

  1. Chris Andersen (3,000,00) The Birdman returns at a more affordable price
  2. Chris Bosh (23,741,060) I do not think he will play, but his salary will be on the books
  3. Mike Conley (12,500,000) Pat Riley has some tricks and this sign and trade is one
  4. Gerald Green (1,500,000) Second Chance as he played great D despite bad shooting
  5. Udonis Haslem (2,854,940) Same deal this Heat Lifer is going nowhere
  6. Joe Johnson (5,000,000) Once again offers a discount to Miami and stays
  7. Tyler Johnson (1,500,000) Heat love this kid as a backup with lockdown D
  8. Josh McRoberts (5,782,450) Big man they needed in playoffs no great deal available
  9. Josh Richardson (874,636) In my opinion the steal of the 2nd round impresses more
  10. Dwayne Wade (15,300,000) Wade County’s 14th year continues to turn back the clock
  11. Briante Weber (874,636) After a short stint he’s back for more
  12. Hassan Whiteside (15,000,000) The big payday has arrived and the block king is back
  13. Dorell Wright (1,000,000) Joins his former team for a 2nd year back in Miami
  14. Aaron Affalo (5,000,000) Opts out of New York to give Miami another shooter

Total Salary: 93,927,722 – Only 1,927,722 over the projected salary cap



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