How to Remember Jose Fernandez

Today baseball lost more than a great pitcher. We lost an inspiration for many around the world, a future father, a man who brought joy to the game of baseball, and someone who had such a bright future ahead.

Outside of baseball this was a man who didn’t successfully defect from Cuba until his 4th try. In one attempt a woman even went overboard and Jose didn’t even flinch before jumping off to find out that woman was his mom. He was somebody to look up to for everyone as he never gave up on his goal of representing Cuba in the MLB. Jose was always seen with a smile on his face and a passion that you could feel from miles away. His life wasn’t about himself it was about his mother, grandmother, and the Cuban community that rallied around him.

On the mound he was the 2013 Rookie of the Year, the ace of the Miami Marlins, and a fan favorite to watch. Jose Day was more than a baseball game it was the place to be in Miami. Fans rallied around him and the excitement he brought to the game of baseball. The ballpark and his teammates fed of his energy every time he stepped on the mound and knew they were witnessing something special. His future was very bight and his memories will last a lifetime.

To his fans and myself Jose was the ideal athlete. He was a stud on the field and in the stands pregame. You could always find Jose signing autographs and taking selfies with his biggest fans. If as a fan you wanted to get Jose’s attention you could as he was never too big for the ones who supported him most.

Jose took pride in playing for the Marlins, being a Cuban, and eventually becoming an American Citizen.  He was an inspiration to many and had a personality like nobody else. The world lost a great ball player, but an even greater man.

RIP Jose Fernandez

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