“Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again.”- Bob Feller

I blog about Florida sports- everything from the MLB, to the NBA, to the NCAA, to the NFL!

ACC Championship

My name’s Jeremy Panakos and I go to the University of Central Florida. My nickname while playing sports was always ‘Pank’ hence “Pank’s Press Box.” At UCF, my major is Marketing with a Sports Business minor. I’m currently involved with UCF athletics, and help assist with multiple sporting events throughout each season. I’m an avid sports fan which inspired me to start this blog in 2015.

I grew up in sunny south Florida and have followed their sports teams since I learned how to play tee-ball at age 3. My dream job is to work in college athletics, and my inspirations are Rich DeVos, Theo Epstein, and Urban Meyer. On any given Saturday you can find me at the nearest sporting complex, or with my eyes glued to the TV during a game.

My sports bucket list includes:

  • Visit all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums (I have been to 9 so far)
  • Go to a National Championship game
  • Go to the Super Bowl
  • Go to the Pro Bowl
  • Go to the World Series (Marlins 2003, game 3)
  • Go to the MLB AllStar Game & Home Run Derby
  • Go to the NBA finals (Miami Heat, 2013)
  • Attend the NBA AllStar Weekend
  • Be on the set of College Game Day
  • Attend the Final 4
  • Attend an Ohio State Game at the Horseshoe 
  • Hold season tickets as a UCF alumni
  • Go to the Summer or Winter Olympics

Keep up with Pank’s Press Box to follow my sports journey.

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